Monday, 11 June 2012

Final Draft

I have completed the final draft of the book.
It is a great story that needs to be told, it is not just about the fight against IR35, but it is a story of an on-line revolution.

It is as much a human drama as it is about anything else.

That is part of my motivation, the other part is to put the record straight about what happened and how it happened. The founders of the PCG seemed to have been air brushed out of the history and I wanted to paint them back in again. Given all the recent news about IR35, it is interesting to note the complaint about the PCG then was that we "fought too hard."

It has taken a long time to write and I have tried to be fair and always truthful and talk openly about what happened, how it happened and why it happened.
I have had to weigh up the costs of publication and the costs of writing it and the likely sales I may generate.

So I have decided to use for publication which prints copies on demand. This means that the list price is slightly higher but it means that I need little infrastructure to distribute the book.
Basically I don't need to use an agent, which is something all contractors will appreciate.

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