Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Secret critics....

When I published the book, I knew that it wouldn't please everyone. The first week of publication saw threats of legal action against me and that was before people had even read the book. I had to disappoint one such person by telling them not to worry because they were hardly mentioned in  the book. Though this seemed to make them more cross.

The book does of course criticise the 'secret' pedants in the PCG who have hidden behind usernames.
I found this post on the accountingweb site from an unknown person

"A very large pinch of salt  ...  Particularly in respect of Mr Ross's Kalnienk Vision when looking away from his rose tinted mirror, in my humble opinion.

I know a few of the people that are mentioned in the book and who seem to have a very different recollection. To attempt to write a history of the PCG without actually interviewing any of the people involved isn't a history, it's a self-opinioned diary. Again IMHO."

My reply was :-

It is true that I didn't attempt to interview the former Paymaster General or Gordon Brown for that matter. The story is based around what happen with contemporary news articles from the time and details about what happened to me when I was campaigning. The key characters in the story are those who played a significant role - Andy White for one. I haven't talked in detail to the minor characters as I didn't need to, nor did I interview Andy I didn't have to because I was there. I know that some people are disappointed that they aren't in it more than they are. Also I am not sure what these different recollections are but would be interested to hear them, but these are my memoirs of the campaign, and that is it my story of the campaign.

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