Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reaction so far

Since I announced the publication of the book last week it has caused quite a reaction. I said that I think it is a story worth telling because I want to celebrate contracting and the role of the PCG and of contractors in the fight against IR35.

It seems to generated a lot of concern though, about what I might be saying. An early email I received from a leading PCG member which copied in the PCG CEO warned me that it might be illegal to publish the book and that it was perhaps a story best left untold.

All this before they had even read the book. I hate to think what Dawn Primarolo will make of it.

I was warned that for some people this isn't a book that they would want written. I told that I expected the following to happen :-

1) they will criticise how it is written
2) they will criticise what it says
3) they will criticise why it was written
and finally
4) they will criticise who has written it

So far it is holding firm to this list. I have had my legal team on standby and when when on Saturday morning the postman rang the door bell at 7:45am, I though here it is - the summons etc.

But no, it was actually my Olympic tickets!

I have put up a new edition on Saturday. I have rewritten some of the commentary around the judicial review hearings. Instead of using articles published by I have done them as commentary, quoting from those articles and also similar articles done by other reporters.


  1. As one of many who have moved on, I still keep a warm spot for the freedom to contract. Might just buy a copy to see if I am in there! Must check see what happened to Kerry Pollard. I guess he is back in Opposition now so might be able to get more done ... Take care, Philip. Roger Cole

  2. Roger, thanks for the note. you are in there once in name and many times in spirit. As for Kerry Pollard he lost his seat in 2005.