Friday, 6 July 2012

Some choice quotes from the book...

I have being putting together some choice quotes from the book which I include below. To see them in context you will need to read the book which I hope you enjoy.

What MPs and the Government said
"I think you're quite a vocal lot and have seriously terrified figures in Whitehall." Lord Haskins (Labour Peer and Head of the Better Regulation Task Force)
"The second congratulations are due to the Professional Contractors Group. I have never encountered such a literate, persuasive series of letters. Ministers have received something like 2,000 letters. I have received many dozens. The noble Lord, Lord Jenkin, has received a number. They are literate, well spelt, well argued, persuasive letters (and wrong)" Lord McIntosh (Labour Peer)to the Lords
“The hon. Gentleman should explain why he is prepared to support a group of workers whose companies their own advisers describe as tax havens. Why should they be allowed to continue to cheat honest taxpayers?” Dawn Primarolo MP (Paymaster General) to Parliament
What the other institutions and business said 
"We have awarded the new personal service company rules a score of 30 out of 100. This is a poor result". Francesca Largerberg ICAEW
"The Tax Faculty believes that the IR35 proposals are fundamentally unfair. We believe the rules affecting personal service companies are unnecessary". Tax Faculty
"Andy [White] deserved a special mention in the Elected Representative Awards. Even though this was intended for MPs, MSPs and councillors, such was the depth of support for Andy that we felt that his sterling effort to show what would happen with IR35 deserved to be recognised". New Statesman New Media Awards Judge
"I’m a very strong admirer of what you have done and I am very keen to see you do even more in the immediate future."  Sir John Harvey-Jones
What we said  
"[IR35] fails to understand that knowledge and skills are commodities that are traded today just as manufactured goods have been traded in the past".  Philip Ross - to the Labour Conference
"The members of PCG did more than talk about the injustice of it - they formed a group, put their hands in their pockets and sent a message to the Government saying ‘we’re not going to take this, we’re going to do more about it than moan, you’ve got a fight on your hands and we’re not going away".   Andy White PCG Founder

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