Thursday, 12 July 2012

Taster Kindle versions

A low cost copy of the book - as a taster - has been made available on Kindle for £1.53. (It is the minimum price that Kindle will let me retail it for). The full book is of eight parts, but I have put part 1 out as a kindle version for people to try. (I have also put together a kindle version of the first three parts of the book, which is about half of it).

Link to Kindle

Part one covers the announcement of IR35 and the formation of the PCG.


Chapter 1
Becoming a contractor
But why go contracting?

Chapter 2
Budget Day 9th March 1999
IR35: Press Release – 9 March 1999
No sympathy for contractors
Red Dawn

Chapter 3
The Revenue gets their way after all
The British Computer Society
Travel Allowances
BCS when IR35 broke

Chapter 4
Fairness in the Tax System
1981 – PRIDE
The Architects of Doom
Why don’t contractors work as self-employed?

Chapter 5
United we stand?
Recruitment Industry led alliance
An industry alliance against the tax?
Enquiries to the Inland Revenue

Chapter 6
22nd April 1999 – The full plans laid open
Speaking up for contractors
Creation of the Professional Contractors Group:

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  1. Kindle sales making their mark...

    Kindle sales are starting to catch up with the printed copies sold.